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Charge-free tax payments at bank counters until August 30

Taxpayers will be able to pay their dues to the state at banks counters without getting charged a fee until late August. The state had decided to pass on to taxpayers the commission banks used to charge it for tax payments, but taxpayers will be spared the 1.10-1.50-euro charge over the summer.


New online register to include all properties, shares, money abroad

Taxpayers will have to declare income from abroad, holdings in foreign companies and property assets and capital in other countries in the online asset register (“Periousiologio”) that the General Secretariat for Public Revenue will introduce in 2017, which will also include all taxpayer data stored by the tax authorities.

Tax discount only for card and web users

Tax discount only for card and web users

Only taxpayers who make payments by credit and debit card will be entitled to claim a tax-free threshold as of next year, according to a bill the Finance Ministry tabled in Parliament midnight on Monday.

Tax agency has big plans but a shortage of inspectors

The state is turning its inspection focus on the 2012-16 period, with the Independent Authority for Public Revenue – the former General Secretariat for Public Revenue at the Finance Ministry – planning 23,300 checks on taxpayers and corporations in 2017, even though it does not have enough employees to conduct them.