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Global Mobility

Companies are discovering that a holistic approach to total rewards & global mobility can be both, more satisfying for the employee & more cost- effective for the business.

  • Advice on Tax Equalization
  • Social Security Equalization/ Allocation
  • Contract Termination Rights


Due to the constant reforms in tax legislation, Greek expatriates find it difficult to follow the ongoing developments enhancing the risks of over-taxation and unexpected tax burdens.

  • Change of Tax Residence
  • Representation before the Competent Authorities
  • Double Taxation

Personal Consulting Services

In a constantly changing economic environment planning in advance is crucial. Our people will design for you a customized time and money saving action plan, that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Act proactively to reach your goals securely
  • Manage your Income Taxation smartly
  • Let us design your individual Tax Plan

Personal Taxation Services

Personal Tax provides complete monitoring and management of your income and property taxation.

  • Organize & schedule your Tax Obligations
  • Resolve your problems quickly & effectively
  • Find out on time & comply with the Requirements of current Tax Relief Regulations

Family Tax Planning

The increasing tax burdens, the overturns experienced by the taxpayer and the successive reforms in the tax system have radically changed the concept of household management in our days.

  • Manage your Income smartly
  • Maximize your Income & minimize Taxes
  • Make the most of your Property

Property Transfers

We address effectively any issue that may arise from real and tangible personal property transfers. Lawyers, notaries, engineers and skilled tax experts work in coordination to cover every aspect of the process and achieve the biggest possible minimization of your expenses in terms of time and money.

  • Buying & Selling
  • Inheritances, Gifts & Parental Benefits
  • Transfer Tax